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Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

So I was in one of those Tesco superstores, and I was in a particularly good mood. So I started singing quietly to myself, and doing a little dance, my basket full of avocados (because I'm such a basic bitch) acting as my dancing partner. And then I realised that no one else around me… Continue reading Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

Change is good

Ultimate goals in life

If I asked you today if you have any goals in life, I'd probably struggle to find a single person who doesn't. We want to get into university, to finish university, find a job, get a car, have children, or buy a new antique tea set. These are everyday goals we all have. Even if… Continue reading Ultimate goals in life


Modesty is overrated

"You're not very modest, are you?" Oh god, the number of times I heard this sentence spoken in a very condescending tone... I'm not even sure I can count to that many. The thing is, I'm not modest at all, and I don't aspire to be. For a reason I don't quite understand, modesty is… Continue reading Modesty is overrated


Is there such thing as ‘normal’?

(Yes, this is me. With a towel on my head. And probably wet hair. And no make up on. And ┬áin pyjamas. And the weirdest grin ever. Enjoy.) Back to the topic. What can be normal? Would you say 'anything and everything'? I guess that's the most instinctive, intuitive answer. Blood pressure can be normal,… Continue reading Is there such thing as ‘normal’?