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What 11 seasons of Bones have taught me

I am a bit of a TV show addict. I got hooked on great tv in primary school, which is when I fell in love with med dramas - first ER (which caused me to have hots for George Clooney ever since), then Grey's Anatomy, which I'm still faithful to 13 seasons on (and counting). I… Continue reading What 11 seasons of Bones have taught me

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Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

So I was in one of those Tesco superstores, and I was in a particularly good mood. So I started singing quietly to myself, and doing a little dance, my basket full of avocados (because I'm such a basic bitch) acting as my dancing partner. And then I realised that no one else around me… Continue reading Don’t be ashamed to show you’re happy!

Change is good

Tell me what you really want

Apparently, I am terrible at being a woman. At least according to the definition used in my house, which includes the ability to guess what someone else is thinking based on some random clues and indirect questions. And I agree - according to this definition, I absolutely suck at female-ing. Because if you ask me… Continue reading Tell me what you really want


Why do we glorify running around like a headless chicken?

"I'm sorry, I don't have time to see you this week, I'm too busy. Maybe next week, but after Wednesday?" Hands up, who said a variation of this phrase in the past few days? A few weeks? My hand is up. Guilty as charged. I study full time, work part time and occasionally want to… Continue reading Why do we glorify running around like a headless chicken?


Modesty is overrated

"You're not very modest, are you?" Oh god, the number of times I heard this sentence spoken in a very condescending tone... I'm not even sure I can count to that many. The thing is, I'm not modest at all, and I don't aspire to be. For a reason I don't quite understand, modesty is… Continue reading Modesty is overrated

Change is good

What’s so special about yoga?

If you're looking for a post about the philosophy of yoga, how I cleaned my chakras (or whatever you do with chakras...) or how yoga is the response to all bad things in life, then you're in a totally wrong place. I'm sure Google can take you somewhere that will play right into this theme,… Continue reading What’s so special about yoga?